The Fusion Series is driven by the wills and desires of numerous individuals, some fighting for their own reasons, others doing so for an ideology. Here you will be able to read more on each character, starting with those appearing in Hunt for the Phoenix. When subsequent titles are released, those introduced will be available here.


Mana Seraph

Mana lived a quiet and uncomplicated life in Eifera. That all changed when the Fusion Empire swept through the region, abducting her and any talented magic users for the Empire’s desires. She became the product of a twisted experiment – to fuse the Phoenix, a rambunctious creature known as a Spirit, into the body of a human. Doing so would make it more manageable and allow Fusion to harness its power for their war effort. Forced to manipulate their deity, the Pheo Tribe who worshipped the Phoenix begrudgingly assisted until Janian formulated a daring escape. Rebelling against their captors Mana, the Pheo Tribe and others escaped into the dense southern regions of Airone, covered in mountains and thick forest. Here they hide, living in a glorious village in the treetops, away from Fusion and in relative safety – for now at least.

Mana, now fused with the Phoenix, became a figurehead for the tribe. Her innocence and young age hides a heart filled with love for her new people and she will do her upmost to defend them. She is referred to by numerous names, sometimes by the title of Phoenix, mostly with the prefix of “Lady”. Normally bubbly and joyous, certain events have begun to sap her light hearted outlook on life, concerning those close to her, especially her handmaiden Matsuki.

Mana’s life is one of duty and sacrifice. On almost every occasion her desires are normally cast aside for tribal duty, a function, an assembly with the council, the list is continuous. She has come to terms with this lifestyle and whilst has learnt not to resent it, Mana finds herself sometimes struggling with the responsibility.

Despite her position the woman has the same fears and needs as any other. With Dark crashing into her life, Mana has become slightly besotted with him, offering the position of Guardian to redeem himself. Never a day goes by where she doesn’t try to push boundaries and force a reaction from his steely attitude, normally inciting the contempt of her father. With Fusion becoming more aggressive, she sees Dark as the tribe’s salvation – something he strongly disagrees with.

Dark Angel Pariah

Dark had been a drifter in an attempt to find his purpose in the world. The times when he had settled were short lived, abandoning all he knew before getting too comfortable. This nomadic lifestyle resulted in him being enlisted by Fusion to work as a mercenary, taking jobs that the military outsourced due to a lack of manpower. Normally in partnership with a man called Shard, the pair accepts the job to find Mana which set a series of devastating events in motion.

A loner by nature, Dark always has an attitude to those around him, being brash and outspoken and keen to provoke conflict. He rarely speaks about his past, a murky history that he struggles to recall, simply taking each day as it comes and never considering the future. One could consider him vain, irresponsible and selfish but nothing could be further from the truth. Deep within Dark burns a very strong sense of loyalty, justice and righteousness, but these qualities have been forgotten in part to the recent difficult years. His fateful encounter with Mana resulted in an opportunity to redeem himself by serving alongside her Guardians. Dark has yet to fully adjust to this change and his temperament can be erratic at best, the focus of these outbursts normally being Janian. The only reason for Dark to stay with the Pheo Tribe is to explore the peculiar feeling Mana has stirred within him.

Dark is at home with a sword in his hand. His fighting skill, when applied, excels any others. Those witnessing him in action consider him to be a brutal and remorseless killing machine, thanked by those he serves with and feared by anyone who opposes. His aggression can sometimes be considered suicidal, especially by the unit of cavalry Mana has entrusted to him called the Iron Riders. However Dark himself holds a tremendous secret, one which both sides in this conflict are keen to exploit…

Amber Dashton

As the tribe of the Phoenix fought against the Fusion Empire, Amber took it upon herself to analyse the weaponry used against themselves in an effort to understand it better. In doing so she quickly became the authority on firearms and formed a band of mechanics to repair salvaged technology as the Pheo Tribe shunned such advancements. As a result, Amber herself is an expert markswoman and leads her own contingent of riflemen into battle. This is not to say she is not skilled at close range, she just prefers a more tactical and supportive role in the field.

Amber is known as Mana’s sister, although this is not a bond by blood. The relationship with Mana can be strained at times as Amber constantly finds herself in conflict as the voice of reason. Amber has been a friend of the family for as long as anyone can remember and has a close relationship with Janian.

Since Dark’s arrival Amber has aired her concerns, numerous times, as to the impact this could have on the tribe and feels genuine unease with this development. Passionate and firm, Amber likes nothing better than to get her hands dirty in the hope that she can construct a machine that could turn the tide against the Empire’s advance.

Fray Silas

For some families in the region of Eifera, the Guardianship of the royal family is a hereditary obligation. Fray is from one of these, carrying on the tradition from father and grandfather with equally high expectations. When caught up with Mana’s abduction, Fray swore to protect the tribal people no matter where they hid. In doing so, he secured the respect of his peers and Mana’s own admiration.

Proud and devoted, Fray lives to carry out his duty as best as he is able to, taking the role seriously and never afraid at the thought of death. Trustworthy, honourable and prestigious, Fray manages a contingent of infantry and can always be seen leading the front line into battle. His upbringing has forged a precise and fighting style with any bladed weapon. Fray’s belief of their cause stretches deep. He refuses to use any scavenged Fusion weaponry considering their design to be cowardly.

A firm practitioner of magics, Fray has a talent for using mystical energies for use in battle, though due to the strain upon the body does so sparingly. Dedicated to the preservation of Mana, Fray finds much to irritate him with Dark’s promotion into their ranks – and he is not against stating so.

Janian Seraph

General of the Pheo Tribe and voice to the Pheo Council, Janian has multiple responsibilities but being the father to Mana is his paramount. It could never be said that Janian, or Jay as he is fondly referred to as, slacks in his paternal duties. He is often arguing with his daughter over her behaviour and reminding her of the severity of her responsibilities. Janian’s youthful appearance often has him confused as Mana’s brother to those who first meet him.

A brilliant strategist, Janian has been responsible for protecting the tribe since the brave escape from the empire after Mana’s incarceration. He had to watch, powerless, as they fused his daughter with the Phoenix, a powerful creature defined as a Spirit. It is for these reasons that Janian, more than anybody else, yearns for revenge. Perhaps it is for the best for those beneath him that he rarely succumbs to his frustrations. Janian’s leadership had previously never been brought into question, but recent decisions have raised doubts by the tribe’s controlling council members. For undisclosed reasons, Janian is less than willing to accept Dark as a Guardian and it is this behaviour that has brought him under scrutiny.

Gifted in magic, familiar in all forms of warfare, Janian’s leadership and firm attitude has earned him a reputation that has him known across much of Airone – and deeply despised by the Fusion Empire. As time begins to run out, this devoted father knows that if the tribe do not do retaliate, Mana will soon be reclaimed.

Qwuiff Lavation

Recently promoted to General of the Fusion armies, Qwuiff has lived a hard life full of one thing – taking action. Ruthless and aggressive in all that he does, Qwuiff is more than aware of the political games surrounding his new position. He does not care about the bickering that goes back and forth in the Administration. Qwuiff Lavation only cares about one thing, and that is the hunt for the Phoenix. The rebellion that Mana led upon her escape was the only blemish on his personal record. Years of perfect service had been reduced to nothing and in doing so she had sowed such fury inside him that the hunt soon becomes one of narcissistic pleasure.

Bad tempered, cold, calculating, vindictive, Qwuiff is Fusion personified. He has no problem taking lives, barking orders and leading his forces against whatever rabble is in his way. Sometimes Qwuiff’s viciousness shocks even those who he leads but nobody could ever question his skill. An expert swordsman, nobody has shown themselves to be a match for Qwuiff, now considered untouchable by his peers.

Conscripted into the forces at a young age, it was a departure from living on the streets and whilst his progression through the ranks was bumpy, the Administration watched his development with the upmost interest. This potent mix ensures that Qwuiff manages to instil even the hardest of men with terror. The hunter of the Phoenix will stop at nothing and carve anybody who stands in his way.

Wyld Arhms

Strongly independent, Wyld has been spending her time searching for the man who accompanied her and her younger brother on their travels long ago. Moving through Fusion’s territories, this recluse demands answers from Dark who inexplicitly vanished from her side some five years previous – and he is less than eager to provide them. While the pair were rebellious, surviving on whatever they could steal to survive, she was surprised that he was, in her words, tamed by Mana.

Somewhat jealous, Wyld proved herself capable to become considered for a Guardian but strongly refused to take the title. Instead she considers herself to be freelance, ensuring that Dark is within her sight whenever possible. A gunslinger at heart and fascinated with the firearms that she manages to obtain on the black market, Wyld’s hard childhood forged an attitude that right and wrong was only a matter of perspective. Her decisions can sometimes reflect that, be they brash and directed at her old partner, or snide and snippy comments aimed at Mana. The other Guardians are still unsure of Wyld’s intentions as they only have Dark’s word to go on.

With such animosity inside her, can Wyld be trusted?