The world of Fusion inhabits two minds and as such requires these individuals to work together.

Through a fated encounter Chris and Emma became close friends in 2003. Before long they combined their separate ideas to create what became known as The Fusion Series.

The pair are currently engaged, so Emma uses the pen name ‘Byford’ so all book releases will be matching in name.

Chris and Emma had been putting their own separate ideas and stories to paper years before they became co-authors. With her own concepts, Emma found that her character Mana drew out her imagination and alongside her many inspirations (including mythology and Tudor England) she was encouraged her to write fantasy based stories. Chris spent a lot of his time writing various short stories in school and college but returned to the character Dark constantly in the attempt to find the perfect vehicle for him. A blunt character with a fascinating background got his creator gripped on developing a Heavenly World.

Both authors hope that people enjoy reading the series.